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The computer market is stuffed with antivirus software suites, stating that theirs is the best and promising you excellent detection results and safe surfing on the world. The only issue with some about this information is that it will probably be propensity.

Either testimonials sing are furnished by an affiliate who gets to be a commission for each sale or if the antivirus company itself provides its own promotional information to convince you to buy.

This article will provide you with the steps required to performance test any antivirus software suites that perhaps be interested in purchasing to own on your pc. The test results will provide you with real-time information about how the antivirus packages uses your PC, allowing you to make the top purchasing decision first time round.


Before consider the plunge and start testing your antivirus suites, you should give your pc a performance service using one of the many free utilities available online.

As being a side note, you could perhaps help your computers performance as well by editing your system’s start-up file by when using the ‘msconfig’ utility to disable any unnecessary auto start apps if your PC begins. If you are not familiar this kind of process and are unsure consumers what to disable then just use the Advanced System Care application.

Online Research

Although could possibly gather some useful information from the reviewer or the vendor’s website, it is definitely wise to envision the online forums or read independent reviews over the product you are researching, which do not have a bias, ahead of your get.

One recommended website that offers an unbiased review is av-comparatives.org and present test outcomes for many antivirus products.

The two test results of interest are the detection and removal results, as you will be doing all of your own performance testing to view how the antivirus suites affect your particular PC within its own hardware/software environment. The detection and removal results are displayed by clicking on ‘comparatives’ tab on the main page of av-comparatives world wide web site.

Not Reasonable quality

The main for performance testing antivirus products is actually not all antivirus packages are high quality when it appears to providing PC and web browsing protection, memory usage, background scanning speeds, virus detection and removal, etc.

Minimum Requirements

Antivirus suites should have at least the following modules:

* Antivirus
* Antirootkit
* Anti-Phising
* Antispyware
* Antimalware
* Antitrojan
* Antiworm
* Antispam
* Safe Browsing
* Firewall
* Real-time monitoring
* Scheduled scanning
* Automatic definition updating

Create a much smaller List

You have to have to develop a short listing of the antivirus packages available that fit the above criteria for downloading, based upon your online investigation.

Online Antivirus Scan

If you do not have any antivirus software currently installed on your PC and you’ve got been surfing the web, then I strongly suggest you scan your system with world wide web antivirus scanner before you download and install any trial antivirus suites.

To do this, just type your market Google search box “free online antivirus scanner” (without the quotes) and opt for well-known scanner such as Trend, AVG, Kaspersky, Comodo, Norton, McAfee or Eset then just follow the onscreen instructions to install the necessary software for that online scanner to work. Once the scan has completed and removed any infections, if any, then you are to be able to download, install and start testing your trial antivirus suites.

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