How to Recover Contact Information in Address Book in Outlook?

The Outlooks auto-complete feature will automatically generate the address of any recipient, whenever you try to send an email message. While after updating your Outlook with the latest version, sometimes you find that your contacts have been missing from the Outlook Address Book, and for this, you need to do one thing, just restore your address book in the Microsoft Outlook.

But before going with the instructions, we highly recommend you to follow the instructions in an exact sequence to avoid any damages and errors.

Steps to Restore Contact Information in Address Book in Outlook

These types of invalid behavior usually occur because Outlook requires you to complete all the steps before you contact information is available. Here are a few steps which can help you in fixing this error, they are as follows:

  • Install the Outlook Address Book Service
  • Mark the Contact Folder for Use with Address Book

Method-1: Re-Install Outlook Address Book

  1. Firstly, on the File tab, click on the Account Settings.
  2. In the ‘Account Settings’ dialogue box, on the ‘Address Books’ tab, click on the ‘New’ tab.
  3. Next, if your Outlook Address Book is listed, then click on the Close tab, after that instantly navigate to the ‘Mark your contact folder for use with your address book’ section.
  4. Or, if your Outlook Address Book is not listed, then click on the ‘New’ tab.
  5. Choose Additional Address Books, and click on the ‘Next’ tab.
  6. Now, under the Additional Address Books heading, a list of various listed options available. From the available list, choose ‘Outlook Address Book’ and press Enter key.
  7. Once completed, you will receive a message that says the address book that you added will not start until you click on the ‘Exit menu. Finally, click on the OK, Finish, and at last, click on the Close tab.
  8. Select the preferred address book and click on the Exit tab.
  9. Lastly, restart your Microsoft Outlook to use the address book which you recently added.

Method-2: Mark the Contact Folder for Use with Outlook Address Book

  1. Initially, choose the Contacts folder located in the side menu.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Folder tab’ in the ribbon.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Folder Properties’ tab in the ribbon.
  4. In the ‘Meeting Properties’ window, choose ‘Outlook Address Book’ tab.
  5. After that, tick marked the ‘Show this folder as an email address book’ box.
  6. Next, click to enter a Descriptive name, and then click on the OK tab.

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How to create back up for Photos or iPhoto Library

One of the most important data that you store on your computer is photos and video clips of your near and dear ones. What you don’t want is these items to get deleted or remove them unintentionally. It can be possible that your system files get corrupted and you may need to format your Mac, but by doing so means that you may lose all your data, and all your memories may leave you forever.

But you don’t need to worry about any such occurrence if you have a backup file for your pictures. What you need to keep in mind is to keep a backup of your essential data on a regular basis. If you have recently transferred your photos from iPhoto app, you may require keeping multiple backup files for the complete security of your photos as you don’t want to lose on those precious memories.

Using Time Machine Application

If you work on Apple’s Time Machine’s application, you may not need to worry as your data saved in Photos and the iPhotos application will be directly backed up while every regular Time Machine backup performed directly by it.

Although backing up your data by using Time Machine is quite a secure feature, but still, you may consider creating some additional backup for absolutely assuring the safety of your data. Your backed up data is not unsecure in Time Machine, but still, it has a default feature of removing very old data to create space for more files which makes your archived files quite vulnerable.

It just provides an anchor for you to ascertain your current system situation, as if your system malfunctions or you have to format it you can still resolve to the present condition of your system. However, it becomes a significant concern for the user if he desires to keep those files for an extended period.

Backing up photos manually

On your Mac, you can also backup your image library utilized by iPhoto or Photo on to a pen drive or an external drive, or you can also preferably use a backup app to execute it for you. You can refer to steps given below for creating a backup manually.

  1. Launch the “Pictures” folder from the sidebar.
  2. Spot the “Photos library or iPhoto library” in the pictures folder. Now copy the library and paste it on the external hard drive or your pen drive.
  3. Follow the same steps every time you upload new photos to your library and always remember to name them separately to distinguish them from your previous archived file.

You can ensure your photos and memories by making additional backup files by following these steps and getting rid of any potential risk of losing them.

Stephen Strange is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at