Best way to Fix Your Magic Mouse Disconnect Problems

Magic Mouse and the Magic Mouse 2 are one of the Mac components in which users are facing regular problems. Users of Magic Mouse are going through various issues like irregular Bluetooth connection, short battery life and abnormal functioning while some Magic Mouse 2 users are unable to charge the mouse while using it.

 Magic Mouse is an older variant of mouse and runs through removable batteries. However, Magic Mouse 2 runs on non-removable ion-lithium batteries. Although, if you keep both the Mouse together it is hard to distinguish between them, the main difference is visible only when you flip the mouse upside down and check the battery slot.  As Magic Mouse has a removable battery slot to change the batteries when dead.

How to solve Bluetooth Disconnecting on Magic Mouse

Sometimes while using the mouse you may bump your mouse unintentionally into your keyboard, and suddenly it stops to function, or you face a Bluetooth connectivity issue. Well, the primary reason behind it could be a lose battery connection.

According to many of the Mac users, the battery slot of Magic Mouse is flawed as the slot is not compact enough to hold the batteries in the same place. Due to this technical flaw, a small bump or a drop of the mouse causes cut in power supply, and due to no power the Bluetooth connection is lost. What you can do is shake it a little to place the batteries back in position, but it is still not a permanent solution.

To resolve this issue permanently follow this easy method to fix you Magic Mouse. This won’t work on Magic Mouse 2 as it has no removable battery slot.

  1. Remove the back cover of the Magic Mouse and take out the batteries from it.
  2. Take a piece of aluminum foil of about a half-inch in size.
  3. Now, on the negative terminal of your Magic Mouse, wrap the foil.
  4. And finally place the AA batteries back in the Magic Mouse.

As the Aluminum foil is a good conductor of electrical charge, it will fill the extra gap present between the batteries and the slot, which will stop the batteries from getting lose on experiencing any jerk or shake.

The Recharging issue of Magic Mouse2

Magic Mouse 2 is the latest variant of Magic Mouse. As compared to its predecessor, Magic Mouse 2 has a rechargeable Li-ion battery which helps the user to get rid of stocking AA batteries for using the Mouse.

But as the user of Magic Mouse 2 does not require AA batteries to use their Mouse, they still have to use a charging cable to keep their mouse running. The main issue lies here is that the charging slot is placed on the back side of the mouse which prevents the user from using the mouse while charging it.

Still, if you are not in an urgent situation and are comfortable in taking a two-minute break, you can quickly get rid of this issue. Magic Mouse 2 can collect enough power in 60 seconds to run the mouse for one hour, and if you have enough time to spare two minutes to charge it, then the Magic Mouse 2 can run for nine hours. Apple claims that Magic Mouse 2 can run for one month if it has a fully charged battery. So if you spare an hour to charge the battery to full, you may not require charging it for a month.

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