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Norton Utilities is a type utility software suite designed to help analyze, configure, Optimize and maintain a computer.The interface in the Norton Utilities is clean and really accessible.

Norton Utilities  very will appear a wonderfully designed optimisation’s a completely different product from others.It includes a spread of tools that with success Optimize components of your system and erase incorrect, useless, or sensitive information.”

(Installation help for Norton utilities)

Here is however the Norton Utilities merchandise will profit you instantly:

Startup Manager priorities applications that launch after you begin your pc.This allows you to bypass the ‘regular’ method of getting Windows load a bunch of applications you do not would like.

Benefit: your computer starts faster.

Service Manager works a similar approach as Startup Manager, but for Windows services.Why begin services you will not even would like once exploitation your computer?Have Service Manager begin solely what you’ll use.

Benefit: your computer starts even faster.

The Windows written record defragmenter and cleaner will mechanically fix written record errors, organise its files and repair broken links.This in turns helps in obtaining back dynamic memory.

Benefit: applications start faster and you can have more of them open at the same time.

The hard disk  and cleaner will remove unnecessary cookies and temporary files (from applications and also your Internet whereabouts) which after some time just clutter your computer and slow it down. This, of course, will make data access faster.

Benefit: the overall performance of your PC gets a boost.

The hard disk cleaner also allows you to permanently remove sensitive files you don’t need anymore so that if hackers somehow get access to your PC they won’t be able to steal any data that could cause you to harm later on.

Benefit: your privacy (and possibly identity, depending on the files removed) is protected.

“The Main goal of Norton Utilities is to make your PC run faster and become more reliable.”

This tasks performed by the application can be broken down into 3 main Categories:

1.PC Fixes – Common laptop issues is found mechanically and stuck in precisely one click:

2.Repair broken registry links– Fix damaged files Rollback faulty written record tasks to avoid major system errors

We also provide help and support for Activation and Installation of all type of PC software. Kindly contact us more about those product help and support online.Visit here for more help –

Norton Setup – 5 Most Ineffective Websites of 2019

Some sites available on the Internet are fine; they are a savior. But on the contrary, some of them are totally useless, eating out the space available. The web shows up some of the most useless sites created ever. Some of them managed to gain popularity.

However, some of the useless sites have some interactive components also. Most of them will show you up totally irrelevant content. These are not going to help you in doing anything. These can become a source of short term entertainment for you. Some of the worst websites are shown below:


It is that site which shows up nothing more than a worm of black color. The worm will show up two eyes that will wiggle the ways around the screen. It will also get the movement of the cursor. If you start to shake your cursor, then it will begin to dance like a blazed color explosion. It will all show up in the background. It is interesting to see that extended animation while the cursor is shaking.

2. Endless.Horse

Talent is required for making drawings through the computer. You will be surprised to see the weak horse. You will wonder while looking at it that why haven’t the artist given hooves to the horse. Just keep scrolling and scrolling, you will never get to the feet. One of the most significant merits related to this is that this website is living up to the name literally.


Users will see different colored blocks that have been falling on the site. Users will find that they have taken an endless drive to the computer directly. Tap the screen, and you will get an activated effect of sound. Users will find themselves falling deep into the virtual abyss. Users will get some soothing and meditative effect.


Ever seen that scene where someone is getting a slap on their face in languid motion. EelSlap is all about it. Just roll the cursor over the image. Users will get to see the cursor over the image that is slow or fast from the right direction towards the right one. You can see it left to right also. Watch it as many times as you want. You can even control the direction and speed of slap.

5. If users can’t have adequate cats on the net, then get to Just watch some kittens falling from screen top. You will find them bouncing off the bottom gently. Just tap and drag the kitty for bouncing it on its own. Go to the first right-hand side for a severe downpour of the kitty. You will love that interesting component of bouncing cats. One thing that may disappoint you is lack of variety in breeds of the cats.

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How to Fix Google Chrome ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error?

How to Fix Google Chrome ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error?

If you are using Google Chrome for browsing the internet, then you may have come across an error message that says “No data received” or an error code that reads ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. This simply means that there is a bad connection and due to this error you won’t be able to visit the specific website you are trying to reach.

However, this error occurs due to many reasons such as corrupted chrome extensions, bad network connection, cluster of temporary files, browser cache etc. So below we have discussed the steps to fix ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Google Chrome Error. These steps will help you to fix the error easily and quickly. But before starting the process, we suggest you follow the steps in an ascending order to avoid troubles and errors.visit here for Norton

Steps to Fix Google Chrome ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error:

Just in case something goes wrong, make sure that you have created a restore point.

Here’s how to fix it:

Method-1: Clear Chrome Browser’s Cache.

Launch Google Chrome.

Then, click Ctrl + H keys to open history.

Afterwards, select Clear Browsing data from the left pane.

From amongst the following items listed under ‘Obliterate’, confirm that “beginning of time” is selected.

Checkmark the following from the given list:

Download history

Browsing history

Cached files and images

Cookies and other plug-in and sire data


Autofill form data

Next, click on the Clear browsing data and wait for a few minutes until finished.

Finally, close the browser and restart your PC.

Once your system is up and running again, open the Chrome browser and check if the error is fixed. If not, then continue with the next method.

Method-2: Reset Winsock and TCP/IP

On the Windows button, hit the right click and choose “Admin Command prompt.”

Now once again, open the Admin Command Prompt and type in the below listed commands one by one:

ipconfig /flushdns


netsh int ip reset

netsh winsock reset

Click on the Enter key.

After completing these steps, restart your system for the changes to take effect.

When the system restarts, the Google Chrome Error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE would have been resolved.

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Is Norton setup capable enough to fight against emerging cybercrime?

In this morning today, when I scanned the headlines in my newspaper to find something amusing, I get to see the same news “Massive Data Breach” in different versions, with different titles, from different sources. Despite the emerging threats in our digital life, we are connecting more and more our lives online. We are unknowingly exposing our personal information online ranging from banking details, financial reports to individual images and shopping habits.

Norton setup

As a warning, I would recommend you to be more vigilant while surfing, chatting, socializing, and shopping online.  Norton Setup is trying to bridge this gap of vulnerabilities in your security through

Is it true that mobile devices are more prone to cyber threats than desktops?

To further worsen the situation, our digital life does not just reside on desktops or laptops anymore but walks beside us on portable devices and platforms. As a result, it’s turning into a safe passage for cybercriminals to infiltrate our digital privacy. There are too many of us who are vulnerable to cyber threats and the rests don’t even know they are under attack.

No matter what antivirus program you deploy on your devices, there is always a threat of viruses and malware. Install Norton setup from to help thwart them as much as possible.

How can I prevent cyber attacks with Norton Setup via

It happens through digital corridors that are left unprotected; they strike smoothly and silently without a trace. The attacks are targeted to steal sensitive data and you won’t even get notice of what’s stolen. Let’s begin by understanding the need for Norton security and acknowledge its crucial role, so we take full advantage of our digital freedom in this interconnected world.

With that in mind, Norton Setup tries to evolve against the vulnerabilities of digital security. Here at Norton, they are making significant changes to produce a masterpiece of Internet security software. They aim to simplify and strengthen Norton portfolio of security products, eliminating the threats of viruses and malware as much as possible to give an everlasting experience of digital freedom.

How should I find Norton Security products online?

What most of the Internet security providers lack now, is the ability to keep up with the emerging online threats? Although there are countless security programs available for exclusive security needs, you may find it as troublesome as finding a pin in a haystack, to search the security program that matches all your computing needs.

Norton is making it easier to select and purchase the security program via To counter the increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, Norton security has strengthened their advanced threat protection technologies with enhanced Norton setup features and performances across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The role of Norton setup products in protecting cloud-based devices

Advanced Norton setup security products are available with or without cloud backup. It encompasses all the features of our existing products, eliminating the need for you to choose from different flavors. With its enhanced features, and cloud-based management system, Norton setup is more like a service and less like software package that you install and forget. Because of its cloud-based features, you can download it from and deploy the protection on multiple devices.

Norton Setup – How to get a Refund from Google Play Store

Where Google PlayStore has free apps and games to download, it also has many paid apps, games, movies, songs, TV shows and books. So, if you had purchased an item from Google Play and you find that it is as you expected. And now you want your money back, therefore, don’t delay as you’ve limited time.

Just follow the below steps to get your money back from the Google Play Store:

How to take a Refund from Google Play Store for an App or Game

Asking for a refund within 2 hours:

For easily getting the refund for an app or game that you’ve purchased from Google PlayStore you need to request for refunding within 2 hours of purchasing. If you’re requesting within two hours, then here is how to do this:

1.    Launch ‘Google Play Store’ app of your device.

2.    Go to ‘Main-Menu’ by tapping on hamburger icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

3.    Select ‘Account’.

4.    And then go to ‘Order History’.

5.    Discover the ‘app or game’ for which you’re requesting for a refund.

6.    Select the ‘app or game’ and then select ‘Refund’.

7.    Confirm with ‘Yes’.

The app will remove from your device, and your purchasing amount will be refunded. You’ll also get an Email about refunding.

Asking for a refund after 2 hours

If you have exceeded the 2 hours limit, but it’s not more than 48 hours of purchasing then you can also request for the refund however now it is not as simple as the first one.

1.    Launch ‘Google Play Store’ app of your device.

2.    Go to ‘Main-Menu’ by pressing the hamburger button at the top-left corner of the screen.

3.    Select ‘Account’.

4.    Choose ‘Order History’.

5.    Locate the ‘app or game’ for which you’re asking for the refund.

6.    Tap to ‘View’ and go to ‘Developer Section’ by scrolling.

7.    And ‘Send an Email’ to the developer.

It depends on the developer and your reason whether you will be granted your refund or not. So, politely and briefly explain your reason into the requesting email.

How to get a refund from Google Play for movies, music, or TV shows

Movies, Music or TV shows returning rules are little different. Maximum time limit for returning anything is seven days. You can request for the complete payment within seven days, but the item should not be played or download. Use your device browser to ask for the refund.

1.    Navigate to your Google Play account with your browser.

2.    Log in with the Google account you’d purchased the item.

3.    Go to ‘Order History’.

4.    And search ‘Movies, Music, or TV shows’ you want to return into the order’s history.

5.    Click on the ‘Three dots’ button right to it.

6.    Select ‘Report a problem’ from the menu.

7.    And then from dropdown box select “I’d like to request a refund”.

8.    Describe the reason into the text box.

9.    And then click on ‘Submit’.

You will get a confirmation mail after submitting your request. Google will respond to your application after some time.

Similarly, you can request for the refund for a book.

Carl Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at – The Way to create and Delete Folders on I-phone

Now, there are two types of individuals: people that maintain their programs inside folders and people that do not. As for me, I maintain 90 percent of my programs in the remainder in my household display. You almost certainly know this to earn a programs folder, then you automatically drag on programs along with also a folder will be automatically generated. But perhaps you are thinking about just how exactly to delete folders in the i-phone therefore that you may rearrange your programs. Let us get going learning just how you can delete hyperlinks in the i-phone therefore that you may reorganize your programs. Establishing and category programs into the hyperlinks would be the optimal/optimally solution to decrease litter on an i-phone home display screen. Create another folder to your own games, tunes program, messaging programs and also create sure they are readily reachable.

Norton Setup
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The Best Way to Delete App Folders on I-phone

The program icon slides into the opposite, and also a brand fresh folder will automatically produce an I-phone display screen to visit another display screen.

  • The app icon slides to the other, and also a new folder will automatically create an I-phone screen to go to the next display.
  • Just take the program icon into your edge of One’s folder. Doesn’t require long (if you don’t have seemingly endless programs in 1 folder!)
  • Just disable the own folder of apps, you have to remove the apps from your folder.
  • Create a new folder on your i-phone’s Home screen to save categorize and space apps.
  • Icons begin invisibly and take out button look this means you’re in the edit mode, Inch.
  • Click on the’X’ button of this name field to Change folder title.
  • Now, select the program you need into the house display. It Is Simple to delete an app folder from your iPhone, also it.
  • Again the media house’ button to return mode.
  • If you want to give a name out of
  • Touch & maintain within a program icon to enter
  • When you’ll notice folder option
  • Press the’Home’ button to quit from an edit
  • Choose a title for the own folder from the Release the program icon.
  • Drag and hold One Particular app icon across the opposite Open your i-phone’s household display.
Norton Setup Support
Norton Setup Product key
Norton Setup Install
Norton Antivirus Setup
Norton Setup Download

Steps to relocate or remove apps from the folder on iPhone Home screen

Twist around the folder’ where you Desire I-tunes Program into the folder, so you might even simply take the program in the folder to readily get. Ways To input into the edit manner. Icons begin invisibly and take away button look this means you are in the edit manner. Proceed and find the program’ icon since you possibly Desire folder.  

  • Deleting a folder will be inverse of Developing a folder, then only choose to Proceed and find the ‘Program’ icon since you possibly Desire
  • Open your own I-phone by clicking ‘I-phone
  • Contact & maintain on the program icon to input Other to make a folder in their opinion.
  • In case you would place a program into the folder mistake or put in an incorrect Touch and maintain the program you wish to eliminate.
  • To delete a folder in i-phone Home display screen
  • Icons begin invisibly and take away button look this means you are in the edit manner.
  • To manually take out the program.
  • Place’ nearby the top-right corner of the iTunes window.
  • To relocate or eliminate programs out of your folder to i-phone Home display screen
  • Drag and click the ‘Program’ icon within the Inch.
Norton Setup Download Free
Norton Setup Enter Product Key
Norton Setup Online
Norton Setup Support
Norton Setup Product key

Steps to delete a folder from iPhone Home screen

Deleting a folder is reverse of creating a folder, simply take out all the apps from the folder to completely delete a folder.

  • Give up from edit style.
  • Out most of the apps out of your folder to wholly delete a folder.
  • Press the’Household’ button click’Completed’ into Inch.
  • Hook your I-phone using a Computer System.
  • Press the’Household’ button click’Completed’ into Actions to Earn a folder Together
  • Contain the program icon and then drag on ‘Program’ icon
  • Select drag & hold ‘Program’ icon outside
  • Likewise, eliminate all of the programs out of your
  • Click the program’ on your left side.
  • Over the house display.

As you remove the last app icon from the folder, the folder will delete automatically. That’s it! Group apps according to categories, functioning, and type and access them quickly without swiping over a barrage of endless apps.

About us : 

Bradon Wilson is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

How to Send Animated GIF Emails –

If you want to brighten the email for your business then you can do so by inserting the animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). You can email a GIF by using the Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts as they will permit you to send a GIF. If you wish to know the steps of sending the GIF, then read the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to Email a GIF through Gmail

The users have to search for the right GIF which they wish to email before starting the procedure. After searching for the right GIF, Now they can start using Gmail. Here are the steps mentioned below to email a GIF through Gmail:

Uploading a GIF

For uploading the GIF which is stored on the system, just choose the “Insert Photo” symbol, and after that choose the “Upload” option. The users can go through the procedure of uploading the GIF from this option; they can insert the GIF into the mailbox of the email.

Copying and Pasting GIF Link

You need to copy and paste the GIF link so that you can send a GIF by using Gmail. Here are the steps listed below to copy and paste the GIF link:

•    Go to the Gmail account.

•    After that, choose the “Compose” option.

•    Then, search for the preferred GIF.

•    You have to copy the GIFs URL.

•    Go back to the email.

•    Choose the “Insert Photo” symbol located at the end of the taskbar.

•    After that, choose “Web Address” link.

•    Once you copy the GIF, paste the URL in the required section.

•     Gmail will send the notification of “animated preview” of the picture.

•    In case everything is fine, then choose the “Insert” option.

•    Now you can GIF to the email.

Steps to Send a GIF through Outlook

In case you wish to send the GIF by using Outlook, then the procedure is a little bit same as sending through the Gmail. To start the procedure, you have to go to the Outlook on the device. Here are steps listed below to send a GIF through Outlook:

•    After the Outlook gets open on the device, choose “New Email” for starting the composing procedure.

•    Choose the “Pictures” option located in the upper ribbon.

•    After that, select the “Pictures from file” option.

•    Search the GIF and after that choose the “Insert” button.

•    Now you can send the GIF from the Outlook after following the steps mentioned above.

Steps to Email a GIF through Yahoo Mail

You can send GIF through Yahoo mail easily with the help of the in-built GIF feature of Yahoo. The users can drag and drop the preferred GIF through its in-line photos abilities. Here are the steps listed below to email a GIF through Yahoo Mail:

Through Yahoo’s GIF Tool

Here are the steps are given below to email a GIF by using Yahoo’s GIF tool:

•    In case you search the GIF through the “Yahoo GIF Tool”, then you have to go to the “Yahoo Mail” page and after that, choose “Compose” option for starting a composing email procedure.

•    Choose a GIF symbol located in the end taskbar.

•    By selecting the above-mentioned symbol, you will get a list of famous GIFs.

•    After you will get the right GIF, choose that GIF and place it into the Yahoo mail.

•    Now you can email a GIF through Yahoo Mail after following the steps mentioned above.

Through Yahoo’s Drag and Drop Feature

Go through the steps to email a GIF by using yahoo’s drag and drop feature:

•    Choose the “Compose” option for starting the procedure of composing.

•    Search the GIF on the device and start dragging and dropping the GIF in the mail of the Yahoo.

•    The procedure to email a GIF through Yahoo mail is over.

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Google’s New Android Q Beta is All Set for Official Release

Google released the next version of Android on Wednesday, which is named Android Q for now. The official release of the version in full capacity is slated to be towards the end of 2019, but for now, we can get some glimpses of what this future platform packs in, especially when smartphone tech had leaped to the likes of foldable and wearable devices.

The initial release only works with Google’s Pixel devices. More device compatibility should be offered in the later releases. The main attractions for this release include support for foldables, smooth transition between apps, error-free app startup, and some other security and privacy tweaks.

The following discussion will provide you with a quick insight into the highlights of Android Q.

●      Better foldable and split-screen support

New form factor innovations like foldable devices will be the deriving archetypes in Android’s future. Keeping this in mind, Android Q brings core OS support for foldables. Foldable smartphones can be physically bent by a user to turn it into a bigger display device, something like a tablet.  Samsung has come up with the Galaxy Fold that works on an Android stock platform, and other brands like Huawei will also need the OS support of Android Q on its foldable Huawei Mate X for better integration of new age hardware with recommended operating systems.

During Google’s presentation, the feature of ‘screen continuity’ was highlighted, which converts the app interface size according to how the user bends the physical screen. For e.g., a larger interface of Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Fold when you open the device to its tablet mode from the palmtop size.

●      Privacy and permissions

The Google blog post on Android Q says  that ‘Android Q users to give apps permission to see their location never, only when the app is in use  (running), or all the time (when in the background).’ This will add a new firewall to the safety feature besides a third option along with ‘allow’ or ‘deny’ in the app permissions pop-ups. Android Q will stop apps from running an activity while in the background, which means without the user’s command, apps will no longer be able to take over the device screen.

●      The new share menu

The new share menu is supposed to provide the ability for “Sharing Shortcuts”, which means users can define how their sharing UI looks- which apps appear in the menu. It is unlike the conventional sharing menu which would remain clogged with all the installed apps on your device. However, what seems ambiguous is- will the sharing UI work with old apps when sharing shortcuts are published in advanced, or there will be a convenient tweak that will lay to rest all glitches.

●      Other features

●      Advancements like optimized Android Runtime, mandatory Vulkan 1.1 install to run the Android Q, and the ability to change settings without going into the full settings app are to be made as speculated from Google’s Wednesday presentation. 

You can sign up for the Android Q beta at if you have a Pixel device and want to take the hands-on experience. For others, you’ll have to choose a wait and watch stance- maybe devise a new snack name for the new Android platform. Perhaps a French one- Android Quiche.

Enne Garcia is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

How To Backup and Move iCal or Calendar To Mac?

If you are using Apple’s Calendar app, then you may have plenty of events for keeping a track on. Do you have a backup of this data?

The process mentioned in this blog shall specify how to save every Calendar information into a single archive file. This process shall help do a backup or move every iCal or Calendar information.

The best way to backup and transfer the Calendar data to Mac

The method of backing up Calendar for OS X Mountain Lion and newer

  1. Firstly, go to the Calendar by pressing the icon of it from the Dock.
  2. Then, press on the ‘Export, Calendar Archive’ by going to the file menu.
  3. After Save As dialog bar is displayed, then put a name for an archive file or you can use default name that is presented to it.
  4. Next, by using the disclosure triangle immediate after Save As field for expanding dialog bar.
  5. Lastly, choose the destination and press the Save option.

The method of backing up iCal Calendars for OS X 10.5 Through OS X 10.7

  1. Firstly, go to the iCal app by pressing its symbol in the Dock. After that, do a double click on the iCal application.
  2. Then, press on ‘Export, iCal Archive.’ It shall be present on the File menu.
  3. As soon Save as dialog bar gets started, put name for an archive file or prefer using default name that is presented.
  4. Next, by using the disclosure triangle that is immediate after a Save As field for expanding a dialog box.
  5. Lastly, choose the location by pressing on the ‘Save’ option.

The method of restoring calendar for OS X Mountain Lion or newer

  1. Firstly, open the Calendar application on Mac.
  2. Then, press on Import from the File menu.
  3. After that, the import dialog bar shall get open, go to Calendar archive file that you want importing into Calendar.
  4. Next, choose the archive file that you would like to use. After that, press the Import option.
  5. Note that a pull-down sheet shall get displayed letting you know that archive file shall help replace the present text of Calendar application and that there shall be no option for undoing the function of the import. You will get two options before you. The first one shall be of canceling if you don’t want to import the text. And the second one is the Restore option for continuing. Select one according to your suitability.
  6. Lastly, note that the calendar shall now be able to get updated with newer information from the archive file that has been created before.

Davis Johnson  is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at

How to Download the Free Norton From Comcast

If you are worried about viruses making their way onto your computer, or about your children’s safety while they’re browsing the Internet, installing a robust security suite on your computer might help alleviate those fears. Fortunately, if you are an XFINITY subscriber, which is Comcast’s new brand name for its cable division, you do not even have to pay a dime to protect your computer from such threats. Included in your XFINITY subscription is a license to download and use the latest version of Norton Security Suite, which you can install from the company’s website.

Step 1

Uninstall any anti-virus or security suite currently installed on your computer.

Step 2

Open your Internet browser and visit the “Protection for PC” page on XFINITY’s website (link in Resources). Click on the “Get It Now” button.

Step 3

Enter your email and password and click on “Sign In.”

Step 4

Click on “Start Download.” Once your computer has finished downloading the file, double-click on it to run it and start installing Norton Security Suite. At this point, if you have previously installed the free version of the McAfee security suite that XFINITY used to provide to its customers, the Norton installer will automatically uninstall that program and restart your computer.

Step 5

Select “OK” and click on “Agree and Install” after reading the terms and conditions. Norton Security Suite will now install itself on your computer