How to install Norton on windows 10 –

Are you facing the problem of how Norton will not install on Windows 10 even though you have tried to do just that? You may not be aware but such a common issue occurs occasionally. But we have come to rescue you from your predicament with instructions that will guide you in the install. After you are done, you won’t be questioning about how Norton will not install on Windows 10.

First, you must download the latest Norton version and install on your Windows 10. To do that, sign in to Norton and go to the Get Started window. There you will find the Download Norton internet security option. In case you need to install a new product, tap on Enter a New Product Key. Next step would be to click on Agree and Download. There are several options you need to choose from. If you want to go to Inter Explorer, click on Run. If you choose Firefox or Safari, click on the top-right of the browser. After clicking the download option, you can view the files that were downloaded. To choose Chrome, go to the button-left and tap on the file that was downloaded.  When the User Account Control appears on the Windows, select the Continue option. After completing all the on-screen instructions, your Norton will be installed and activated. 

How to install Norton internet security on windows 10?

Norton Security is a computer software security suite that is available in three editions. The software is developed to protect devices from unwanted attention and viruses. To make use of this software, you must first learn how to install Norton internet security antivirus on Windows 10.

The first step is to uninstall your older Norton or other security software from your Windows. To uninstall the software, click the start button on the bottom left-hand corner. You can see the Control Panel option which you must click. On the Control Panel, open the programs and features option. After the directory of programs opens, tap the Norton Program which will enable the software to be removed when you select the Uninstall or remove option. After following the procedures, select on the Norton Complete Uninstall which will lead you to a pop up that will show a subscription waiting period. Click next to continue and select the Restart Now option. This will finally uninstall the software completely from your device.

If this step does not act to solve your installing problem, you can try out other probabilities such as installing the Norton Security, installing the Norton Security into the additional devices, or even retrieving the product key. 

How to safeguard your home network from hackers

It’s quite incomprehensible whether it is humans who switched to breathing technology than air, or is it technology that is breathing through us, consuming human consciousness without us having any knowledge of it. Our homes are now more connected and digitized than ever. We are constantly being targeted by cybercrooks and their unethical practices over internet that has nothing to do but make our lives miserable.

There is no way you can escape these attacks if you own a smart device and Wi-Fi network without having Norton protection installed on it. It is like leaving your house opened for burglars to sneak in.

At one side, technologies have made our social life more convenient and meaningful with the availability of features like voice commands. On the other side, smart devices could lead to a major infiltration in our private life as everything in our home is connected to Internet, which opens several loopholes for hackers and cybercriminals.

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While discussing the capabilities of hackers, and damages they could inflict on our social life, it is important to note that hackers require you to have Internet connectivity to execute their operations. The network we use to connect to the world on a daily basis, whether it’s mobile data, or Wi-Fi, cybercriminals use them as a medium to breach in our digital security. If they successfully manage to invade your digital device, they will have total control on the images, videos, documents stored in it. It will seriously compromise your data, which includes bank details, email credentials, work reports and other confidential information.

Ways to safeguard your home network

Tighten your waist to fight against cybercriminals and hackers to safeguard your home network and protect your family from threats like data theft and ransomware. The best way to hack-proof your home network is to block all the entry point with Norton Total Protection. These entry points comprise mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers, voice assistance.

  • Secure your Home Router: Your Wi-Fi router is the gateway to your Home’s Internet connection. Routers generally come with preinstalled anti-hacking features that enable users to defend themselves from cyber threats such as encryption, firewall and password protection. However, they might show some vulnerabilities if not maintained regularly.
  • Stay-up-to-date: Make sure to have your router and smart devices updates all the time. It ensures a tight layer of security for your home network. Keeps you updated on critical threats, glitches and faults and helps you to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Other useful tips to help ensure a secure Wi-Fi Network

  • DNS settings must be paid attention
  • Protect your Smart TV
  • Do not use Bootleg-streaming devices
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi only when needed
  • Safeguard your smart phones
  • Avoid downloading untrusted apps and software
  • Avoid authorized OS

Norton Security Error 8504 and 104 –

Cyber Security has become a necessity in this day and age. Most of the netizens are using some of the other kinds of antivirus. Out of all the antiviruses that flood the market, Norton Security stands out. Norton Security has been providing the best and most innovative products for decades. Even though Norton Antivirus is popular amongst users, Norton security error 8504 and 104 are quite common. In this post, we will discuss how to fix Norton security error 8504 and 104’.

Warning Signs – Norton 360 Error 8504

  • Freezing of the computer screen
  • Slow or delayed windows performance
  • Pc restarting or crashing
  • ‘error 8504 and 104’ is displayed on the screen
  • ‘Norton 360 Error 8504’ is displayed on the screen

If you experience one or more of these problems then your computer might be prone to Norton security error 8504 and 104.


There can be various causes for Norton error 8504 and 104. Some of the most common causes are:-

  • Virus or Malicious Software
  • Incorrect settings for Norton Security
  • Registry files are missing
  • Incorrect installation of Norton Antivirus software
  • Windows firewall permissions

Solutions of Norton internet Security issues 8504 & 104

Now we will discuss some possible solutions on how to fix Norton security error 8504 and 104:-

  • Conduct a full virus scan of your computer

This may sound like a pretty simple solution but making sure that your system is not infected is essential.

  • Update system drivers

              Make sure that all the drivers in your system are up to date. Old drivers might cause have   configuration issues especially if you are using a newer version of windows

  • Reinstall Norton Antivirus

In the control panel click on programs and choose Norton. Right click on the icon and install it. Now install Norton Antivirus again. Restart your computer. Now you will not be getting Norton autofix error 8504 and 104.

  • Repair registry files

The system registry is where all files are saved. It can be a little daunting to try and repair registry entries yourself. You can use plenty of decent registry repair tools that are available in the market for free.

The path ahead

After going through this post we are hopeful that you were able to setup norton antivirus. It is always advised to keep your system up to date with the latest drivers. Users should always keep in mind that using the latest antiviruses will help protect their system in the long run. 

How to use USB memory sticks safely and securely? –

Because USB drives, also known as thumb drives are small, readily available, inexpensive, and extremely portable, they are popular for storing and transferring data from one device to another. However, the same characteristics that make them convenient also introduce security risks and make them alluring to hackers.

Attackers may also use USB drives to steal information directly from your computer. If an attacker can physically access your computer, he or she can download sensitive information directly onto a USB drive.

What can a hacked USB stick do?

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A malicious device can install malware such as Trojans, information stealers and much more. They can install browser hijackers that will take you to the hacker’s website of choice, which could host more malware, or inject adware or spyware onto your computer. While the outcomes of these threats can range from annoying to frightening, you can stay protected from these threats.

Even computers that have been turned off may be vulnerable because a computer’s memory remains active for several minutes without power. If an attacker plugs a USB drive into the computer during that time, he or she can quickly reboot the system from the USB drive and copy the computer’s memory, including encryption keys, passwords, and other sensitive data, onto the drive. Victims may not even realize that their computers were targeted.

How to stay protected?

  • Don’t plug unknown flash drives into your computer– This is one of the most important things you should take care of. This is a trick used in social engineering, where the attacker relies on the curiosity of people. If you see a USB stick lying out in open or at public places, do NOT plug it into your computer to see what is there on it.
  • Take advantage of security features – Use passwords and encryption on your USB drive to protect your data from hackers, and make sure that you have the information backed up in case you lose your drive.
  • Keep personal and business USB drives separate – Do not use personal USB drives on systems owned by your organization, and do not use USB drives containing corporate information into your personal computer.
  • Use secure USB drives– Some latest models have safety features such as fingerprint authentication that help protect the device from hackers. Always buy one with security features.
  • Be careful where you purchase your USB drives from– As some third-party manufacturers are known to manufacture USB drives with malware on them. Always buy your flash drives from reputable, well-known manufacturers and sellers.
  • Keep the software on your computer up to date– Software updates are crucial to the security of your computer, as they patch known vulnerabilities.
  • Make sure to keep your Internet security software up to date– In case you accidentally use a device that contains malware, you can still be protected. You should get Internet security software as it can protect you from a host of issues other than just USB malware.

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How McAfee helps mothers to have a fulfilling career? –

Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring your mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and to influence your mothers in society. The role of mother is one of the best, toughest, most rewarding, challenging, and unpredictable jobs a woman can have. And since the generation is now showing more involvement in gadgets than family, it is important to make them understand the necessity of family time. This, mother’s day, McAfee takes initiative for those mothers who sacrificed their job due to family responsibilities.

In an industry made up of just 24% women, you just can’t afford to miss out on the perspectives and innovation that you unlock when you ensure your workplace mirrors the world in which you live. In addition, considering your current cybersecurity talent shortage, an inclusive workplace is dangerous to bridging your workforce gap. But with McAfee, you get another chance to work on your talent. Recently published blog on says more about the opportunity for mothers.

To encourage more women to bring (and keep!) their valuable and highly sought-after skills in the workplace, you just can’t talk a good game when it comes to championing inclusion and diversity; you have to walk the walk. Here are three ways McAfee is doing that when it comes to supporting your mothers:

Supports you and your family to grow just like your mother do

Always welcome a child is an exciting time in your life. It just wants to help you to take the time you need and to celebrate, bond, and adjust to new life with the newest addition to your family. Whether it’s offering extended leave with your new baby, providing the convenience of bringing your kids into the office or flexible working schedules, your parent initiatives recognize, celebrate, and accommodate your life’s big moments.

Offers Comfort and Convenience in the Workplace

Coming back to your work after having a baby can be a big transition for you that’s why McAfee helps you to support your mothers returning to the workplace after leaving. For example, if you’re a nursing mother who travels throughout the U.S., they offer a Milk Stork delivery program to give you peace of mind and convenience to get your baby’s nourishment delivered in a secure and quick manner.

In an ever-growing number of McAfee offices they offer Mother’s Rooms to provide a private and convenient way for mothers or mothers-to-be to enjoy a quiet and comfortable space while providing for their infant (and let’s be honest, sometimes that’s the only 20 minutes or so of quiet time a new working mother might have!). Moreover, for expecting or new mothers, Stork Parking provides reserved parking spaces. Fun fact: a pregnant woman’s lungs become increasingly compact as the baby grows that means getting from A to B is no longer a simple task. You can recognize this at McAfee. You know that the small things count.

Reintroducing your Mothers to the Workforce

You know that careers aren’t always linear, and parents may choose to pause your careers to care for your families. McAfee’s Return to Workplace program taps into the potential of those who may have taken a career break with the support, guidance, and resources needed to successfully rejoin the workforce. This global initiative was launched in the Bangalore, Cork, and Plano offices last year. You should be proud to share 80 % of program participants were offered a full-time position at McAfee.

Being a working mother is a strength. It only adds to the varying perspectives and experiences that drive innovative solutions. At McAfee, you should be so proud of the ways that you are recognizing and supporting mothers – and all of your team members – in being successful at home and at the workplace.

To learn more about the ways you must support working mothers and give your efforts to build an inclusive workplace where all can belong, read you’re first-ever Inclusion & Diversity Report. McAfee is providing jobs to mothers on this Mother’s day.

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John Adward is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. he writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users.

How to protect yourself from email password stealing scam

Falling victim to an email scam is something that can happen to anyone. This scam is a frightening concept as it usually results in unavoidable panic. Also known as a phishing scam, an email scam involves using email and fake websites to steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, account data, addresses, and more.

These days, cybercriminals have devised a method to steal email credentials that bypasses two-factor factor authentication security and doesn’t depend upon easy-to-spot phishing methods. To protect yourself from email password stealing scam you should have a security suite on your devices.

Security software has all the resources that help to keep up with new threats as they emerge. That is why you need Norton’s Security Premium on your devices, which provide a multi-layered defense to security.

In recent researches, it is found that this scam largely targets Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail users. This is the reason why everyone with an email account should be aware of how this scam works to avoid falling victim to this scam.

In what way this scam works?

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Cybercriminals need to know the email address and associated phone number of the user to initiate this scam, whether it is on Gmail, Yahoo or any other domain. With this information, an attacker can then get access to the password recovery feature that allows an email user to know the details of their account by a verification code sent to their mobile. In the following manner, a cybercriminal can gain access and take over an email account:

  • An attacker obtains the victim’s email address and phone number, which is usually available.
  • The attacker pretends to be a victim and requests a password reset from Google.
  • Google sends the password reset code to the victim.
  • The attacker then texts the victim with a message, asking them to share the verification code while posing as the email provider.
  • The victim passes the verification code on to the “email provider” unknowingly giving crucial information to the attacker.
  • The attacker uses the verification code to reset the password which lets him gain access to the email account.

With access to the victim’s account, an attacker could add an alternate email address to the account without the victim’s knowledge in order to forward copies of all messages sent to the address. Meanwhile, the victim would not know that their private messages are being used against him.

Preventive measure to avoid this scam

  1. Be aware of the suspicious text messages that ask about email verification codes.
  2. Contact the service provider directly if you are unsure about the legitimacy of the request.
  3. Remember to use a unique password across all your accounts, which is a good practice.

How to Print Double-Sided Documents on Mac?

Macs with now give access to a printer capable of printing double-sided can print any document as a two-sided print, which means that each side of the file will go direct on the front and back of the peice of paper, kind of any book. It is one of the famous printing methods for various situations, such as manuscripts, manuals, documentation, books and many other things and especially for those people who really want to save paper.

However, you can easily print duplex printing on a Mac by using the Microsoft Word, Pages, Office, PDF files from Safari and preview, and some other apps, and the features are working on all the versions of the MacOS and Mac OS X.

Below we provide a few simple steps which help you in printing the double-sided documents on Mac.

Steps to Print Double-Sided Documents on Mac

Before starting to print duplex printing, ensure that you meet with these few requirements which are necessary for using the two-sided printing. Firstly, you have to make sure that your printer itself must be compatible with the two-sided printing which is usually a laser printer or similar hardware. And the foremost requirement is that the document is being printed must be at a minimum at least of two pages long. Thus, the first page will always go on one side of the printed page, and the second page will go onto the reverse side of the printed page.

At times, when you have typed up a Word doc on your Mac and want to print double-sided, and then follow the steps in ascending order to avoid trouble, and it will take less time. Here how to do it:

  1. Initially, by scrolling to the top of the screen bring up the “Menu bar”.
  2. Then, click on the “File” option.
  3. Scroll the menu to the bottom and then click on the “Print” option.
  4. Next, click on the “Copies and Pages” option.
  5. Again, scroll the menu to the bottom and click on the “Layout” option.
  6. Now, click on the “Two-Sided” menu tab.
  7. Subsequently, click on “Long-Edge binding” option.
  8. Lastly, click on the “Print” tab.

Alternatively, with some applications, the process for double-sided printing will be easier and also involve few steps, since you will be presented with a “Two-Sided” option by the initial print window. Here assuming that you are using a Mac app such as Notes:

  1. Primarily, scroll to the top of the screen and bring up “Menu bar”.
  2. After that, click on the “File” option.
  3. Now, scroll the menu to the bottom and click on the “Print” tab.
  4. Next, click on the “Two-Sided” check-box which appears next to the copies box.
  5. Finally, click on the “Print” option.

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The best Ways to Ensure the security of your Wi-Fi router with Norton core

Since the launch of Norton Core, an industry-leading and accomplished Wi-Fi router, Norton brought revolutionary changes into the future of digital security and carved a straight path for users to ensure safe home browsing and everlasting security against cyber threats.

Ever since Norton core has secured a special place in the hearts of millions. It was expertly crafted for home security network, encouraging higher performance and acceleration. It is accessible from any computer shop in your locale with a guarantee to provide you a safe terminal for internet browsing with password security while blocking unauthorized users to gain access. It transformed the way people secure their connected homes.

Today’s home network is swarming with futuristic devices from mobile phone, tablets, laptops, to thermostats, smart television and electronic devices operating through voice commands. Fortifying them all with exceptional security, diagnosis, and threat detection software to fight against emerging cyber attacks is of paramount importance.

Is it true that Norton Core comes with the inbuilt-security system?

Unfortunately, many consumers would flinch to spend money on such devices, as these devices are vulnerable against cyber infiltration attacks led by masters of hacking. Cybercriminals possess both technology and expertise to exploit your Wi-Fi routers into gaining access in your home security. Almost 65 percent consumers in the US alone, share a common belief that Wi-Fi routers are impregnable and designed keeping in mind all its security aspects, even though Norton exposed countless vulnerabilities in more than 50 categories of IoT of devices. The facts related to such vulnerabilities were unveiled under the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report.

The cyber world has witnessed several high-profile successful attempts of cyber infiltration in recent years. The thought of knowing that hackers are now exploiting an array of connected devices that are acting as a vehicle for accessing your financial and personal details would be enough to give you several sleepless nights.

To relieve us all from the ghastly attacks of cyber terror, Norton is set to expand security measures of our digital platforms in an innovative way. With Norton Core, consumers can easily incorporate stronger defense mounted on your Wi-Fi Router, in a personal and elegant manner to their connected devices.

Uniquely crafted for connected devices

Unlike Wi-Fi routers from older days, the advanced Norton Core was introduced with an intent to safeguard the online interests of your loved ones connected from home network and protect them from malicious websites and other inconceivable threats. To provide strong wireless connectivity, Norton Core has a unique antenna array inside a geodesic dome of interlocking faces. Defense and weather radars, deployed in the extreme reaches of the globe, inspired the antenna of Norton Core. The outer layer of the device is also a work of great precision which allows users to place it in open, as a home décor’ providing a strong, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal.

Here are other features that you need to be aware of before making your purchase:

  • Superior and customized parental control
  • Unparallel Security, higher performance and impeccable digital safety
  • Superior Wireless performance
  • Advanced security
  • Security Score
  • Easy to Manage
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Automatic updates

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How to cancel Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal

Norton automatically renews if you have enabled Auto Renewal of your Norton subscription. But many people like to do the renewal manually. So, they turn off the Auto Renewal option. Follow the steps listed below to cancel the Norton Auto-Renewal.

  • Ensure that you have a good internet speed & open your browser.
  • Then, go to
  • Click on Sign In button that you will find at the top-right corner of your screen. Here, you will be redirected to the Norton Sign In page.
  • Then, enter your username & password in their required fields. Ensure that you use the same credentials you used to purchase your Norton product.
  • Then, click on the Sign In button
  • Go to the Subscription tab of your Account.
  • Click on the subscription option from the drop-down list. You will see a button to turn off the Auto Renewal.
  • Click on this button which automatically cancels the Antivirus Automatic Renewal.
  • Then, Save the settings.
  • Now you can sign out of your Norton Account.

Procedure to request Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal Refund:

In case you don’t want the Norton services & you want to stop the services. You can make a request for a refund if you got charged because you had auto-renewal option turned on.

Norton refunds the money according to its terms & conditions. You can check all the terms & conditions on

Contact the Norton support to get help or any details regarding the refund & Cancellation of Norton Auto-Renewal.

Note: your device will become vulnerable to threats after the expiration of your current subscription once you turn off the auto renewal.

Aamir Lone is a Symantec Norton expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 3 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Norton Antivirus Setup and Its Features –

First of all, we know Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus software in the world. However, the basic purpose of Norton is to provide complete security against Viruses, Malware, etc.

Norton antivirus even more safeguards your computer from infected files and websites like URLs Spam, etc. It ensures its users to do all the work for them, in terms of removal of viruses and infections.

Features that only Norton antivirus provides 

Norton antivirus has developed a technology called “Insight” which leverages the collective experience of hundreds of thousands of its users to help protect others in the network.

It is a set of security software, which is reliable and most powerful program. Norton Security provides better protection against the threat to the security to its customer. Therefore It provides a complete security suite that can comfort all of your devices, like desktop, laptop, etc.

And for the reason that why is Norton antivirus best for your Computer, is because it promises its users to remove 100% of the threats/infections from the computer. Hence, if it fails to do so, Norton will give you your money back. No other antivirus firm has ever promised what Norton antivirus is providing to its users.

Safeguards from Online scams 

In November 2018, Norton antivirus acquired the Lifelock. Don’t know what Lifelock is? Well, Lifelock is an Identity theft Software which provides protection on the identity scams. It offers to provide online identity protection to the customers, which is intended to detect fraudulent scams for various financial and non-credit related services.

To summarize, it does not allow you to open up a malicious website or an infected file, which can cause damage to the machine. This feature does not let you compromise with the security of your machine. Therefore, If you download a file, insight will automatically process to scan the file and if contains any infection, it will block & delete them instantly.

Danish Ellahi is a Symantec Norton expert has been working in the technology industry from the last 3 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as